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Сost of work


10 $/m2

The album of the project consists of a plan of placement of furniture and stylistic collages created by the designer with the use of references and on the basis of the technical task set by the client. The selection of furniture and finishing materials for the project is carried out by the customer independently, based on collages developed by the designer. This type of project is suitable for people who use the services of construction companies that develop technical drawings for repair. Also for people who have some understanding of repair processes and are able to properly select the necessary furniture and materials for finishing.

  • up to 3 redevelopment options;
  • measurement plan;
  • furniture placement plan;
  • plan of lighting fixtures;
  • switch binding plan;
  • socket placement plan;
  • stylistic concept for each room.
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20 $/m2

It consists of a package of drawings and visualizations required for repair work. The selection of furniture and finishing materials is carried out by the customer independently, based on the created 3-D images. This type of project is suitable for people who have enough free time and some understanding of the repair process to monitor the implementation of the project on site. The same goes for people who are able to choose the right furniture and materials for finishing.

  • up to 3 redevelopment options;
  • stylistic concept;
  • measurement plan;
  • plan for dismantling structures and partitions;
  • plan of installation of structures and partitions;
  • план водопостачання та каналізації;
  • furniture placement plan;
  • floor heating plan;
  • plan of floor coverings;
  • ceiling plan;
  • plan of lighting fixtures;
  • switch binding plan;
  • socket placement plan;
  • wall scans;
  • tile decomposition schemes;
  • schemes and sections of individual nodes;
  • 3D visualization of the interior (3-4 views per room).
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28 $/m2

The composition of the design project is similar to the "Standard" project, but is developed using specific items of furniture, lighting fixtures and some finishing materials agreed with the customer. Based on the approved selection, 3-D visualization is performed, which will correspond to the real filling of the interior with furniture and materials. This type of project is suitable for people who care about controlling the budget allocated for repairs, and who want to implement the design developed in the project as accurately as possible.

  • package of documents from the design project "Standard";
  • a table of recommended finishing materials, household appliances, plumbing, lighting, furniture, indicating the number and possible places of purchase in city stores or online stores;
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starting at 100 $/months

You can use the author's support service after the completion of work on the design project and the beginning of repair work on the site. This seemingly insignificant service is very useful if you want to free yourself from unnecessary worries and feelings about the implementation of the developed design, but want to implement the planned as accurately as possible, especially without going into details of the process. This type of project is suitable for people who are at a distance from the object and can not control the stages of repair; for people who are limited in time or want to relieve themselves of unnecessary worries and entrust the project to professionals who want to achieve the perfect result.

  • control over the compliance of repair works of the project documentation;
  • trips to salons and shops for the selection of finishing materials and furniture, "fitting" samples on site;
  • complete set of coordinated finishing materials and furniture;
  • work with contractors involved in repairs;
  • visits to the object to resolve unforeseen situations that arose during the repair;
  • photo-fixing of stages of repair and keeping a log of the report on the work done by the builders (at the request of the client)

Architectural design

starting at 500 $

Development of projects of individual houses, design of facades of buildings and structures. Design of small architectural forms.

Architectural animation

starting at 300 $/minute

The animated video is created using three-dimensional computer graphics, showing the object from different angles. The price depends on the complexity of the simulation.


starting at 8 $/m2

Create realistic images of interiors and exteriors. Creating 3D interior panoramas. The cost of work depends on the area and stylistic features of the object.


The design project is developed according to the budget declared by the customer. When designing and selecting materials, we use those solutions that the client will be able to implement.


Our main advantages are the most accurate compliance with deadlines when working on projects, organized and quality work


To implement your design project, we can recommend proven construction crews, which our customers are satisfied with.


We are happy to share with you our personal discounts in construction and finishing materials stores. We also offer discounts on the development of a design project for objects with an area of 150 m.2

Stages of work

Обмер объекта. Подписание договора
Object measurement. Signing the contract

Departure of the designer to the object for measurements and calculation of the area of the premises. Signing the contract and making a prepayment by the client.

Составления технического задания
Compilation of the technical task

Filling in the customer of the form of the technical task necessary for development of the design project.

Разработка планировочного решения
Development of a planning decision

Based on measurements and terms of reference, we develop several of the most functional options for planning decisions that best meet customer requirements. As a result, the customer approves one of the options that will be the starting point in the further development of the design project.

Поиск стилистического направления
Search for stylistic direction

Based on the technical task set by the client, we develop the design concept of each room. These collages are a sketch of the future interior and help to determine the style, color scheme, materials, furniture, etc.

Выполнение технической части проекта
Execution of the technical part of the project

Development of drawings necessary for repair, which will be agreed with the customer. This section includes plans for dismantling and erecting new structures, a plan for the placement of furniture and plumbing, plans for flooring and ceiling decoration, heating and electrical schemes, as well as scans of the walls of each room with drawing furniture and finishing materials.

Выполнение 3D визуализации
Execution of 3D visualization

Based on all the previous points, a preliminary 3D interior visualization is performed, which is discussed with the customer regarding the adjustment. After the client makes all the changes, the final rendering of the images that will be included in the design project album is performed.

Оплата услуг и передача проекта
Payment for services and transfer of the project

Upon completion of all the above stages, the album is designed and submitted to the client in two printed and electronic copies after full payment for design project development services.

Авторское сопровождение
Author's support

With the start of repair work on the site and on the terms fixed in advance in the contract, the designer can control the compliance of construction work with design documentation. And also to help the client in a complete set of object and, if necessary, to make changes in the project, without deviating from the general concept of an interior.